After-Chapter Q&A: The Specs and Co.: Shenanigans and Shepherds – Chapter One

by SC

Note: These questions are purely hypothetical. Whether or not anybody is actually wondering is their own business. I’m just using this as a way to break down the chapter.


Q: “But, SC! Did you plan this chapter or write it by the seat of your pants?”

A: Oh, I wrote this by the seat of my pants, completely. The Specs and Co. are impossible to plan around because they’re so damn unpredictable. Whatever happened in my head, happened in the fic. I’m just amazed it made any sense at all and that there weren’t friggin’ unicorns and polka-dot elephants anywhere in there.

Q: “But, SC! Why is there a pocket dimension in your house?”

A: According to the ever-changing canon of the Specs and Co., there’s several. Due to my house being incredibly small in real life, Book Specs – he’s that really quiet mage from my Specs and Co. in Auldrant fic, if you aren’t familiar with his character – put several magical enchantments around the premise that opened said pocket dimensions. In each dimension, time and physics have no meaning. Presumably, though nobody had tried (thank God), you could fire off a nuke in there, and not only would you not be killed, but the whole place would repair itself so long as the damage didn’t collapse an integral part of the dimension’s infrastructure. That’s also why Specs and Bifocals were only scratched up by the explosion, rather than murdered outright like they would have been in real life.

Q: “But, SC! Why were Bifocals and Specs trying to make an android out of a sponge? And why did it explode? It makes no sense!”

A: Does it make sense that I have self-repairing pocket dimensions in my own house, or that the Specs and Co. are virtually un-killable because they just come back to life anyhow? In the words of MST3K, “it’s the Specs and Co., I should really just relax.”

Q: “But, SC! How come Glasses didn’t get a description past her eye color?”

A: She was there for all of like a paragraph. Describing her WHOLE character right just then would’ve done nothing but drag out the chapter longer than necessary, and I’m not much good at character descriptions as it is, so when I say “drag on,” I mean “DRAAAG.” When she makes a greater appearance in future chapters, then she’ll get her description, but for now, she’s stuck as a feminine pair of yellow eyes.

Q: “But, SC! Why is Bifocals claiming to have come up with the idea for the Portal gun? Doesn’t that make her a Mary Sue or something?”

A: All of the Specs and Co. are Mary Sues to some degree. Specs is an ex-mercenary tactician born in Acre, Israel when the city was held by crusaders during the days of King Richard the Lionheart, Bifocals is an ace weapons scientist out of Munich, and Glasses is an axe-toting former warrior cat from an alternate universe where humans never evolved beyond the medieval age, and animals behave like they do in Shrek. The reason I’m okay writing them in fanfiction is because as far as Sues go, I’ve put a LOT of effort into making them not as horrible as many Sues tend to be, and because unlike most Sues, who exist only to “solve” all the story’s problems and be praised by the heroes, the Specs and Co. cause much more trouble than anything else, so the heroes of the canon aren’t at risk of being upstaged – maybe saddled with more work than they canonically have, but certainly not upstaged. Also, one of the many, many jokes about the Specs and Co. is that, at various points of time, they were involved in things that either they weren’t credited for, or which ended so disastrously that they had to make a quiet exit before anybody traced it back to them. For example, Specs’ mercenary career was cut short when he was beheaded in combat, and Glasses might have at one point in time been Catwoman while Catwoman herself was taking a day off. In Bifocals’ case, one of her incidents was when she came up with the schematics for a gun that opens Portals. Mysteriously, those schematics disappeared, and the finished product “somehow” ended up licensed by Aperture Science, so Bifocals had no monetary claims to it. She’s not bitter or anything, no, not at all.

Q: “But, SC! What was that word Bifocals said? Is it German? Do you even speak German?”

A: Yes it was German. According to Google Translate, it means “shits,” which might not be how German people actually call people “little shits” in their language, now that I think about it. I’ll be honest with you here, I don’t know a lick of German. Which is unfortunate, because I made Bifocals a German scientist with a bad habit for making weapons out of anything and everything (like, bubblegum and a paperclip somehow ended up being a laser cannon. I don’t know either), so eventually, she would end up slipping into her native dialect, right? Thankfully, she’s had enough time in America to become quite fluent in English (or rather, that’s my excuse), so it only ever happens one word or sentence at a time, and very rarely at that.

Q: “But, SC! You didn’t follow the game script for the chapter of Awakening you were referencing! And why only the first six Shepherds from the game? And where was “Marth” during ask this?”

A: The Specs and Co. is semi-based in reality, and as I mentioned, my house is quite small. Could you imagine me with ALL the Shepherds in my house, as well as the Specs and Co.? I’d suffocate! Plus, it would have just been the first EIGHT – one Shepherd “buddy” for each Specs and Co. member – but there’s never a point in the game where it’s only eight Shepherds. After meeting Sully and Virion, you’re then hit by like ten other Shepherds. Besides, I don’t intend for this to be a full-scale deal where the Specs and Co. become best buddies with all the Shepherds and help them save the world or shit like that. And since it’s only the one scene before they get yoinked out of canon, there’s no real point going by the game script. I mean, they’re just going off-dialogue for the rest of the fic anyhow. As for “Marth,” just assume “he” ran off or something. I kind of forgot “he” was there during that scene, in truth.

Q: “But, SC! Will this fic have a happy ending?”

A: The fic opened on a fucking EXPLOSION. If you still think this will end well, you have been sorely misinformed.


Note: Any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed the fic!